Wilson Primary School

Title I Programs

Title I programs help us to serve your child by providing resources for extra training and tutors. Our goal is to increase every student’s opportunities for success.

Title I Services

Title I is a federal program created to give educational assistance such as remedial classes to students living in areas of high poverty. The main purpose of this program is to level the educational playing field and provide our students with access to the materials they need to learn essential skills. Title I provides us with funds for technology in education, before and after school programs, and tutoring.

Migrant Education

We use funds provided by the state of Arizona to identify eligible children and provide education and support services to them. Our goal in providing these services is to help students from migratory families stay on track with the challenges of the curriculum. Some of the services we offer include special guidance, counseling and testing services, health services, and preschool services.

Contact Info

Josie Cortez
(602) 683-2515