Wilson Primary School

Wilson Preschool & Head Start

Wilson Primary offers Head Start Preschool for 3 & 4 year-olds and Kindergarten Readiness Preschool for 4 & 5 year-olds. Your young learner will enjoy developing new skills and making new friends while getting a “head start” on his or her educational journey.

Education Program

Wilson Preschool and Wilson Head Start utilize the High Scope Curriculum, which is a result of the research garnered over 50 years by Dr. David Weikart. The program inspires enthusiasm for learning and helps students learn problem-solving skills they will carry into their elementary years and beyond.

Parent Involvement

We encourage parents to help in the classroom. Please contact your child’s teacher to learn about opportunities. State law requires that you check in and out at the main office, and we ask that you wear a visitor badge. We do not allow children from other schools to visit during school hours.

Dressing for Preschool

Parents or guardians should dress their children in comfortable clothes and tennis shoes. We require an extra set of clothing to keep in your child’s cubby for any unforeseen accidents.


We serve a nutritious breakfast and lunch at no charge to our preschool scholars. Students enjoy eating meals together in our classroom.

Important: We are not permitted to distribute food prepared outside of the school. We ask that you do not send food with your child for any reason, including birthdays and other special occasions.